Who we are

Rob Floyd owns and operates a premier cocktail think tank, RX Liquid Chef, dedicated to creating unforgettable beverage experiences. With three unique branches: Consulting, Events & Entertainment, and Theatre, we are uniquely positioned to support every aspect of your cocktail needs. At RX Liquid Chef, our mission is to redefine the way people experience a cocktail. We take a three-dimensional approach to crafting cocktails, relying on taste, technique and tale as the pillars of all our recipes. This allows us to create cocktails that are experiences, moments in the time made edible, sensory adventures in a glass.


We Consult. We design menus. We train bar teams. Whether you are in the conceptual phase or are a long-running, established program, we are uniquely positioned to rewrite your beverage history. Because we are a global practice, we have a unique view into the beverage world. We are able to examine trends on a macro scale, customize them to your brand, and implement them at a micro level. Our chief focus is to help you be even more you. When we consult, your brand is the most important element of our cocktails and our training programs. And because we believe that you can't sell the brand if you don't live the brand, our team-based training is a fundamental component to our success.

Events & Entertainment

Every event has a story, and so do our cocktails. Not only do we craft world-class cocktails, but we custom create unforgettable events. With an in-house team of mixologists, brand specialists, writers, and actors, we are uniquely positioned to host highly specialized events. We are a one-stop shop for your beverage and entertainment needs.

  • cocktail catering
  • custom cocktails
  • personal appearances
  • corporate mixology contests
  • theatrical events & shows

Cocktail Theatre

Created exclusively by Rob Floyd, this intimate stage performance is the ultimate sensory experience. Best suited for audiences from 10-40 people, Cocktail Theatre has been around the world entertaining Fortune 500 companies and celebrities alike. This traveling beverage-laden play is a whimsical blend of cocktails and spirits with the stories and characters that created them. Sold out for over three years across the country and abroad, Cocktail Theatre has been featured in Maxim, Esquire, and on CBS. With a rotating list of titles, we can provide the right touch to any gathering. And because we are a professional theatre troupe staffed with actors, writers and directors, we are always willing to work with clients on a new or custom topic of choice.